Analysis of the Princess and the Pea

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Short story Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: July 13, 2010
In the personal essay, The Princess and The Pea, the author Vivian Gornick addressees her life as an unrealistic fairy tale. She desires more than what she already has and all of these circumstances leads her to delusions. Overall, she demonstrates selfishness in her everyday life as well as towards others. Her confusion with happiness and love is another condition that affects Gornick. The message of this essay is to point that the speaker of the story did not asset with a person that will meet her same identical characteristics on the way she expressed herself to others.

Gornick’s anxiety on obtaining more than what she already possessed assembled her to confront with obstacles that cruelly made her despair herself from delusions. For example, in the essay the speaker quotes, “Either way, my friends and I saw ourselves as variations of one or the other. The seriousness of our concerns lay in our preoccupation with these two fictional women. Their destinies were prototype of what we imagine our own to be.” Basically, this example demonstrates how the speaker daydreams herself as being Dorothea Brooke and Isabel Archer, two unrealistic women. Dorothea exposed herself with pride devotion to standards. As well as Isabel, she transmitted herself with emotional ambitions. As you can analyze the characteristics of these two women, Isabel had a more fitting temperamental connection with Gornick.

Moreover, Gornick’s selfishness makes her loose the loving partner that comforts her. This unwanted love makes her feel lonely once again. Just like she cites in the story, “Now I stood in the shower stricken, spots of grief dancing in the air before my eyes, the old loneliness seeping back in. Who is he? I thought. He is not the right man. I thought. If only I had the right one. A year later we were divorced.” In addition to, the speaker would only care for herself. Without having notice that her husband loved her and proved his love to her by satisfying her with all...
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