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Topics: Sylvia Plath, Poetry, Woman Pages: 4 (1209 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Sylvia Plath

As poets come and go, few I found were as self revealing as Sylvia Plath. This is one of the primary aspects of her poetry that appeals to me. As a woman in a male dominated society, Plath felt unable to express her feelings and outlooks and turned to writing poetry as a means of escape from what she felt to be an unrewarding life. Her poetry portrays a woman who constantly struggled with depression and mental illness and is a vast collection of pure and raw emotion that I can’t help but admire.

Black Rook In Rainy Weather
(Explores poetic inspiration – those moments that offer a respite from fear)

Black Rook explores the nature of poetic inspiration. It’s the moment that "a celestial burning" takes place and an "angel" descends, "that rare, random descent" when the poet is inspired by a common thing--a "kitchen table or chair," a "rook ordering its feathers," or "the most obtuse objects now and then." The poem beautifully captures what poetry meant to Plath; the brutal honesty of it strips the act of writing to its bare essentials--that amazing moment all poets wait for, the moment of inspiration, when suddenly something is illuminated, and all there is to do is to write a poem about it, to capture that moment in language, to commemorate that blissful interval when they become a vehicle for transcendence. Plath believes that it is these “miracles” that offer a “brief respite from fear” for without them, her life would be intolerable.

Morning Song
(Explores the happy feelings of a mother. Love of her child is the one positive and optimistic subject/aspect of her poetry)

Morning Song explores Plaths’ feelings as a mother. By using a metaphor of a fat gold watch to describe her child, I can see that Plath loves her baby as it implies that is precious and valuable to her (as a gold watch would be). Describing the baby as a “new statue in a drafty museum” portrays the baby as a wonderful new creation in an otherwise desolate (drafty)...
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