Analysis of the Movie Forrest Gump

Topics: Forrest Gump, Love, Vietnam War Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: July 25, 2013
Film Analysis
Forrest Gump

Positive traits of Characters

Forrest Gump- He is played by  Tom Hanks. He is a simple minded man with simple dreams born in Greenbow, Alabama. He loves what he does and puts all his heart in it. He keeps and does his promises that are made like that promise he made to Bubba. He stands firm on his decision and stand in life. He continues to love Jenny and Lt Dan despite their unrecognition of his great love. Despite their rejection of love for Forrest, he didn’t stop loving them unconditionally and came that time that they loved him back. He does things he may not know but he did it for love of mother and friends. He looks at things in a positive manner and finds a way to overcome troubles such as running and running. He does not want to fight and runs away from fights and his fears instead.

Mrs. Gump- She is Forrest’s mother and is solely responsible for Forrest’s upbringing. Played by Sally Field, it is his mother who influences and shapes the way Forrest thinks about life. He never let’s anyone tell him he is different just because he is simple-minded. Mrs Gump is a strong and courageous lady as she was able to raise her child as a single mother. She made her child live a life that everyone has and has not treated him differently in any way. She taught Forrest the right values and let him understand about life and about himself. She showered Forrest with all the love she have which in return made Forrest a person of love and selflessness.

Jenny Curran – She is the little girl who Forrest meets on the first day of his school. She is played by Robin Wright. She later joins the Counter Culture movement. She is Forrest’s love interest through the entire film. Jenny is the next girl aside from Forrest’s mother that showed concern and love for Forrest. She has treated Forrest as his brother, friend, and turned to be lover. She made Forrest feel her love and that she is always there for him.

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