Analysis of the Family dance

Topics: Family, Stepfamily, Father Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: January 24, 2014

1. (a) Why do the authors use the metaphor of a "dance"to describe the adjustments stepfathers must make ? The "dance" metaphor helps the authors explain how fathers have to juggle with every steps of being a step-father. The family situation serves as the dancefloor for the family members, whom are compared to dancers. The father must choreograph his steps to match the other steps of the family members, he must time the rythm of his action to the daily life routine of his wife and stephchildren. The father's dance in the family context is highly influenced by others, within or outside of the family circle. The dance is complex - It combines the routine, the timing of the steps, and the dance styles. The best way for fathers to learn the family dance is to be patient and give his actions time to synchronize with the other family members' actions. The simplest dance routines, such as cooking dinner as a family, can also prove to be the most challenging. They are made up of such small, intricate and familiar moves, which might be difficult for the father to fully share. He will most likely have to observe the other family members' steps and dance style to be able to familiare himself to the family setting. The step father feels encouraged when he can compare his family steps to those of others, and can see that there is a ressemable between his actions and the ones of other stepfathers. (b) What ideas of good fathering did the stepfathers draw on to try to stabilize their place in their new few families ? The authors explain how fathers like to follow a particular script (p.4) for shared themese of good fathering. These themes serve as broad guidelines to help fathers think, and compare their actions. Stepfathers see themselves as financial and emotional providers. Fathers want to be able to provide their family with enough money to live a comfortable life. FInancial support can also help the father's transition in the family. He can...
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