Analysis of the Cultural Differences of Coca Cola

Topics: Argumentative, Logic, Typography Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: November 16, 2012

Standard Report Structure

A Title Page
This should show
The title
Your name (unless it is an assignment to be marked)
Your personal identification (SID) NB: this should be at the top of every sheet An explanation of who the report is for, e.g. 'A Report for [tutor's name/name of manager] The date

Contents List
This should show the full list of sections within the report (including any appendices, reference lists or bibliographic lists) and the page number on which each section begins

1 A Summary
1.1 A one-page summary which outlines, in no more than three short
paragraphs (and preferably just one) what the report says
1.2 You should write this last
1.3 It should be in the third person and present tense. e.g. 'The report considers the arguments in favour of Quality Circles and makes recommendations about their adoption. .

2 An Introduction
2.1 This should give a brief explanation of the aims/context of the report, and should include details of any information necessary for the reader to understand it. e.g. company size; structure; main activities; your role/position; etc.

3 The Main Body of the Report
3.1 This is where you present your main account of the problem or issue you are writing about.
3.1.1 It should be based on analysis, not intuition, e.g. avoid writing 'I feel...
3.1.2 You must backup what you write with evidence and/or argument. This means you must substantiate each assertion you make with evidence, e.g. extracts from the company annual report, staff survey, recent appraisal, interviews, etc.

31.3 You must support opinions with specific examples/evidence (e.g. from a consultant’s report) or by building a logical argument based on previously cited examples/evidence

3.1.4 You should make a...
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