Analysis Of The Article 'Saudis In Bikinis'

Pages: 2 (408 words) / Published: Jul 19th, 2017
“Saudis in Bikinis”
“Saudis in Bikinis” by Nicholas D. Kristof is a unique consider how Saudi women feel about being covered up. One Saudi woman in Kristof’s article stated that “I cover up my body and my face, and I’m happy that I’m a religious girl obeying God’s rules…I can swim and do sports and go to restaurants and wear what I want, but not in front of men”. Pg. 176 That must be a liberating feeling to be able to wear whatever you want and not worry about what a man is thinking about your outfit or another woman. Women let’s keep it real. Most of the things that we do to make ourselves beautiful for men okay maybe to look better than the next women. I used to stress myself out about wearing the right outfit, putting on makeup and making

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