Analysis Of 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Pages: 4 (965 words) Published: March 20, 2018

"Super Mario" series as the representative platform action games in that "hardware performance limits people's imagination" era. Now, thanks to the increasingly sophisticated game development technology and the increasingly powerful performance of the home computer, many once difficult game types and concepts have become possible. Developers and players have more options to choose. Much old game series also face the dilemma of being compressed by more and more attractive new works.
Super Mario Odyssey is an action-adventure sandbox game developed by Nintendo Game Company. The main character of the game is Mario, who will explore his world. The strong demand is expected to translate into huge sales, with sales of less than 2 million in three...

You can throw it to capture another object, whether it's a tank or a T. Rex. It's a simple game mechanic that leads to revolutionary gameplay. Also, cool: Mario's mustache pops up on the hat when he inhabits something, too” (Introducing Super Mario Odyssey). In addition to the core play of Mario, the inevitable thing players use when they go through customs or explore freely is the new skill of "hat and body." Mario and his new partner, Cappy, can be attached to other creatures or non-creatures that appear in many checkpoints. To manipulate the object and allow the use of a special ability to help pass through the checkpoint. But this time the hat attached mechanism can be said to be a great expansion of the platform action gameplay. Hats can be thrown in multiple directions to attack an enemy. When a hat is placed into something, an enemy or a non-player character, Mario can own them. Known as "capture" so that he can use his unique abilities. For example, Mario can become a bullet with flying, or become electric into the...

In the second series of the Kirby, he has the copying skill that allows Kirby to gain some power by eating some enemies for the first time. Masahiro Sakurai, who is the designer of the Kirby, think: "How can I keep simple parts for the sequel I'm thinking of, but also for skilled players to have fun?" This is the concept of copying ability. New players can fly to the end of the level, or if you have parasol capabilities"(Sakurai). The game originally had 40 kinds of copying abilities.
The hat attachment system is really very interesting. Dozens of each has its own unique operation, how to understand each attached operation, rules of action, use restrictions, etc. will be the key to clearance. Looking at the hat system and the entire level of design, I don't think there's a game like Super Mario: Odyssey that combines two machines so good. And the good reaction also makes the whole customs clearance process varied and full of...
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