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Executive Summary:

Operations and processes are the activities of each organisation that drive their output. This assignment examines the operation and processes of the IT services of a semi-government organisation. It demonstrates the current state of the operations and provides comprehensive analysis of its processes. It demonstrates how the operations performance impacts the strategic outcomes of the organisation. The study further provides insights in the operations supply network configuration and how can it aim to achieve lean synchronisation by eliminating wastes from its processes. This study will also provide recommendation on supply network configuration changes, internal process changes and provide a comparison of its performance objectives based on current state and future state. Overall this assignment provides a good understanding of strategic operational issues and various concepts to improve and streamlines operations of the given organisation.



Operations and processes are the foundation of every organisation that produces goods and services for its customer. A well designed and managed operations will enable the organisation to deliver its strategic goals by lowering its costs, improving quality and ensuring that right quantities are provided in time and at the right place. Hence, understanding the operations issues is vital to any organisation to sustain competitive edge in the market. This study provides some insights into the diagnosis of operations issues and the various methods that can be used to improve and streamline its operations.

The objective of this study is to examine the operations and process issues of one such organisation who has successfully contributed to the housing demand in Queensland. This study will provide a high level overview of the organisation, its strategic goals and its operations. In addition to this, it will provide a brief explanation of the operations issue within the IT services team along with a comprehensive analysis of a specific issue. Finally a recommendation is provided for improving the operations issue with factual comparisons of the current system. The following concepts are being used:

Supply Network Design
Process Mapping
Lean Synchronisation
2The Organisation

Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) is a state government owned organisation. ULDA was established to address housing shortage in Queensland by streamlining and fast-tracking development throughout the state with expertise in a range of development activities. The key issue for the state government was that local councils were taking significant time in development planning, development approvals and at times development activities which was delaying delivery of housing products state wide. This has resulted in housing shortage due to increasing demand over the years generated by increasing population of Queensland. ULDA was established to fast-track the end to end process of planning, development approvals and carry out development activities within 12 months of a Priority Development Area (PDA) declaration identified by the state Government. Eg: Mining towns such as Gladstone, Mackay etc.

Some of the key strategic operational goals of the organisation are below: •Deliver land to the market within 12 months of declaration for a PDA •Maintain housing products quality to high standards

Deliver products that are affordable for low to moderate income earner •Provide Development outcomes by community consultation and deliver on state governments promise.

Being a self-funded, non for profit organisation with its only revenue stream from Development Approval...

References: Diagram 1.1: Supply Network Configuration (Slack, Brandon-Jones, Johnston and Betts, 2012, p.72)
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