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Department of Business Administration
Group Project : Analysis of Sony Ericsson
Executive Summary----------------------------------------P.3 Introduction--------------------------------------------------P.4 Theory Interpretation and Analysis
-Subliminal Perception----------------------------------------------P.5 -Perception-Vision sensory and Sound sensory------------------P.5 -Behavioral learning theory and Instrumental learning theory-P.7 -Consumer Interpretation-------------------------------------------P.9 Applications and Recommendations of Marketing Strategies

-Promotion----------------------------------------------------------P.11 -Place----------------------------------------------------------------P.12 -Price-----------------------------------------------------------------P.13 -Positioning---------------------------------------------------------P.14 -Product--------------------------------------------------------------P.15 Conclusion-------------------------------------------------P.17 References-------------------------------------------------P.19 Appendix----------------------------------------------------P.20 Executive Summary:

That’s what SE would like to do, but fail to do.
On the other hand, we will apply different theories includes customer interpretation, behavioral learning theory, positive reinforcement of Instrumental learning and subliminal perception. Moreover, we will try to discuss different aspects of Sony Ericsson such as the brand image, awareness, equity and loyalty, word-of-mouth, trust, etc. Finally, we will give some recommendations for Sony Ericsson to improve or strengthen its competitive advantages through 5Ps. Subliminal perception and Perception-Vision sensory and Sound sensory Table 1.

Behavioral learning theory and Instrumental learning theory According to Closure Principle, consumers form an incomplete picture in which SE’s products are lack...

References: SE Satio home page preview. (n.d.) Retrieved December 1, 2009, from Sony Ericsson,

Simon Lorne(2007)
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