Analysis of Soft Drink Market

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WE would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to Dr..Seshaiyya, Faculty for Managerial Economics, for providing us an opportunity to do this project on Analysis of Soft Drinks Market.

We would also like to thank Dr. Seshaiyya for providing a helping hand and also for guiding and giving necessary assistance.

We would like to acknowledge that the project has given an additional edge in studying the Soft Drinks Market and understanding the Economic Concepts.

Date: 20th August 2006 DEEPTI PUSALKAR 06BS1005



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Indian Soft Drinks Market


The cultivation of thirst through the aggressive marketing of product is nothing new, of course, either to the soft-drink industry or to those who study it. What is new is the pace and breadth of market expansion by the cola giants, the depth to which they’ve insinuated their products into the mass consciousness, and their penetration into regions of the world where institutions of transparency and accountability are poorly developed at best. In India, for instance, the Coca-Cola Company is the largest single foreign investor, and India’s soft-drink market has quickly surpassed $1 billion annually (Hyams 2004). The world’s leading FMCG firms now produce literally across the world. Moreover, in the same fashion as for the auto industry, but much less widely recognized, they literally take the ‘extended firm’ structure with them. Many sub-branches of global supplier companies develop within the developing countries. However, the often explosive growth of local production provides massive opportunities for local firms to enter the value chain. There are powerful positive effects upon local...

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