Analysis of Shotput

Topics: Shot put, Musculoskeletal system Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: January 24, 2013
This assignment will give the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of biomechanical principles and their impact of sporting performance.

Analysis of shot-put – provide the requirements of the shot putt, with specific reference to the musculo-skeletal system. Provide comparisons to the discuss and hammers throws.

According to (rose 2011) various stone- or weight-throwing events date back more than 2000 years in the British Isles. The first known events resembling the modern shot put likely occurred in the Middle Ages when soldiers held competitions in which they hurled cannon balls. Events such as the stone put of the Scottish Highland games and the Steinstossen native to Switzerland are precursors of the shot put. Shot put competitions were recorded in early 19th Century and were also part of the British Amateur Championships beginning in 1866. Shot put was an original modern Olympic event; with American Robert Garrett winning in 1896 it has been an event in every Summer Olympic Games since then.

A shot put is performed inside of a 2.14 meters circle with a 10 cm toe board at the front edge (kleeman 2007). Distance is measured from the inside of the circle's circumference to the closest disturbance of soil caused by the shot. The shot may be made of brass or any heavier metal, though brass and iron are most common. Regulation weights are 7.26 kilograms for men and 4 kilograms for women (kleeman 2007). Each competitor typically has six throws, and the best single throw is the winner. The shot put athlete must step into the front half of the circle but must not leave the circle during the throw. The weight must be thrown from the shoulder and pushed off the fingertips, not thrown like a baseball. Using improper form is cause for disqualification. Muscles provide the forces needed to make movement possible; they transmit their forces to tendons, whose forces in turn cause rotation of the bones about the joints. Muscles, however, are not simple force...
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