Analysis of Science of Religion

Topics: Universe, Theory, Physical cosmology Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Patricia Inigo. R.E Essay.
Analysis of Science and Religion.
“Science is the quest to satisfy human curiosity through rational methods of gathering information. It demands that ALL claims be backed by evidence. Everything is open to criticism.” “Religion is the quest to control human beings through emotional intimidation. It demands total faith without any evidence to back its claims. Nothing is open to criticism, and questioning anything is considered evil.” Science and Religion are known separately to reprimand each other’s ideologies and belief, either one is right or wrong the argument is never ending and somewhat is intangible to breakdown. However I believe that a scientific explanation that challenges the belief in God is far more apprehensive than the response of a Christian to scientific explanations of the universe. What science tries to explain further through history the uncovered and understood factors of like the sun is seen a numinous message of power rooting from the power of God. But as science unravels in the sense it conclusive explanation with evidence i.e the sun is a source of great energy in space. From this we can depict that what was or what is yet to be questioned can be explained by science, because everything has a rational purpose explained on the ground of rational conclusion. In turn as time goes on we now realise that the theory of The Theory of God of the Gaps” is getting smaller. Science advocates the explanation of what the Big Bang Theory has provided in terms of our understanding of creation. The big bang has provides a mechanism of how the universe began without requiring God. The acclaimed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s said that “the universe does not require a creator” demonstrating that science has provided a much greater explanation, instead of believing of something numinous power that can’t be explained, science is much greater backbone. Coming into terms of the biblical fundamentalism, Evangelicals reject...
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