Analysis of Romeo&Juliet (Act Ii, Scene Ii)

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Analysis of Romeo & Juliet, Act II, Scene II
In this scene, Romeo climbs over a wall and ends up in front of Juliet’s room window. In Shakespeare’s version, Romeo is talking towards her window, as if talking to Juliet, then Juliet comes out onto the balcony and talks to herself about Romeo. In Luhrmann’s version, Romeo ends up next to a pool, which Juliet’s room overlooks. He almost falls because he is startled by the lights, then climbs the wall towards Juliet’s window. He sees the nurse and starts climbing back down. The elevator doors open and out comes Juliet. In both versions, she talks to herself for a while, then Romeo answers her, which makes her jump. In Shakespeare’s version, they talk for a while, and in Luhrmann’s version, they fall into the pool then talk. Juliet is about to go, but Romeo stops her. They arrange to be married the next day and the scene ends.

In my opinion, Luhmann’s version had unnecessary parts, and also missed some key parts. One of his choices I disliked was that the music was too intense for the scene. He could’ve used softer music because the scene wasn’t nearly as intense as the music makes it seem. Another thing I disliked is that he cut a lot of the lines that would have added to the scene. However, there were also many things I liked about Luhrmann’s version. I liked how he added a lot of comedic points; like Romeo trying to hide when the lights came on and tripping and almost falling over a chair. I also liked how he added Juliet pulling Romeo into the pool with her when he accidentally scared her.

In conclusion, i think Luhrmann’s version of this scene was effective enough, but he could have made it more effective. For example, if he didn’t cut the lines that he did, it would have added to the believability of the whole scene.
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