Analysis of Oxygen-Bearing Compounds

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CH201L S.Y. 2014-2015

Analysis of Oxygen-Bearing Organic Compound

2 BS Chemistry, College of Science, University of Santo Tomas Espana, Manila Philippines 1015

An unknown sample was given along with five standards to test the presence of oxygen in the sample. The unknown sample underwent five different chemical analysis namely Dichromate test, Tollen’s test, Lucas test, DNPH test, and Iodoform test. Each test will determine if the unknown sample will have the same reaction as to the standards, showing the identity of the compound. The unknown can be aldehyde, ketone, primary (1o), secondary (2o), or tertiary (3o) alcohol.

Results and Discussion
Principle behind the experimental design
Results are tabulated and with table number and title
Graph, Drawings (Figure # and Title)
1.0 A. Reagents
-Anhydrous ZnCl2 - 6M H2SO4
-10% KI- 6M NaOH
-10% K2Cr2O7 - conc. HCl
-DNPH reagent (potential carcinogen!)- unknown sample

B. Materials
- Small test tube - Hot Plate
- 250 mL beaker - Pasteur Pipettes

Chemical Analysis was done for each test (Dichromate, Tollen’s, Lucas, DNPH, and Iodoform). In Dichromate test, 8 drops of sample and standards was mixed in separate test tubes with 2 drops 10% K2Cr2O7 and 5 drops 6M H2SO4. Results were observed and recorded. In Tollen’s test, 2 mL freshly made Tollen’s reagent and 5 drops of sample was mixed and let set for 5 minutes. It was placed in a 70⁰C H2O bath for 5 minutes when no silver precipitate (ppt.) forms and results were recorded. In Lucas test, 5 drops of sample and 15 drops of conc. HCl and a corn grain amount of solid ZnCl2 were mixed. The test tube was shaken well and the appearance of turbidity was formed. In DNPH test, 5 drops of sample and 1 mL of EtOH and 1 mL DNPH was mixed and let sit for 15 minutes. It was placed in 70⁰C H2O bath for 15 minutes when no...

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