Analysis Of Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain

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The word Nirvana according to is “A place or state characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry and the external world.” The band Nirvana however was anything but free of worries. From Kurt Cobian’s struggles with wildly known drug use and depression to the social issues the band wrote about. The ironic name only added more depth to the band. Nirvana’s impact on culture and society extended more than just the grunge movement and shirts that have “Smells Like Teen Spirit” stamped across them at high-end retail stores. Nirvana’s controversial lyrics also opened up the floodgates on taboo subjects. One subject that Kurt Cobain was passionate about being ‘women’s issues’ which included rape and sexual assault. The first attempt to draw attention to the topic was 1991 “Polly”. According to “The Story Behind ‘Polly’ Nirvana”, Kurt Cobain wrote the song after reading the newspaper about a 14-year-old girl that went missing after a rock concert. Gerald Friend kidnapped, raped and tortured the girl, she escaped and he was arrested. The song met criticism for ‘mainstreaming the events of the...

So even though by the time she was married and had me, Kurt Cobain was dead and Nirvana as a bad did not survive his death, they were the band I remember listening to. The Nirvana CD was one of my most treasured CD’s in my mom’s CD collection; whenever my mom drove me anywhere that was what I would want to listen to. To this day I still listen to them on repeat. I have so much respect for Kurt Cobain for a number of reasons, mostly because of his view to write meaningful songs and his social impact, he’s views on a lot of social problems are the problems we are facing toady. I also have a personal attachment to him because we both share a birthday of February...
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