Analysis of medscape

Topics: Transient global amnesia, Credibility, Amnesia Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Analysis of Medscape

The eMedicine Medscape website provides reliable and useful information for those who have interest or questions about Transient Global Amnesia. The website contains easy to understand definitions, symptoms, descriptions, diagnostics, studies and treatments for TGA. Medscape’s content is extremely credible and provides multiple references from other doctors, universities, books and articles to confirm all authors credibility in a simple link beside the title. In the history, it gives a brief description of what TGA is and when it was first described. Within the content there is some medical jargon but for most words they provide links to definitions. Although there is no real treatment or cause for TGA, it clearly states that under the “causes” section. In addition to there being no real treatment, there is no immediate contact information provided on the site. However it does provide the basic information of contacting your local doctor or hospital.

Visual Appeal
The eMedicine Medscape website at first glance looks very professional. There are plenty of white spaces, which makes reading the page very easy. The green they chose to color the page with is also professional and not overwhelming. Although the layout is well done, there are distracting popups and ads on the side and top of page which takes away from the professionalism of the site. However the popups are not annoying games and “win a free Ipod” ad’s, they are Medscape membership sign ups and somewhat relevant to the site. Even though they have Medscape images, it was disappointing to see that there is no important pictures or graphs to help visualize the percentages of people in the world with TGA or other statistics.

The eMedicine Medscape website is easy to use, all except the search engine. The search engine (at the top right of the page) is limited only for people who are signed up for a Medscape membership. Although the...
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