Analysis of Maupassant’s Looking Back

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Analysis of Maupassant’s Looking Back

Guy De Maupassant’s Story, Looking Back is a story of Abbe Maudit and his tragic life. It is centered on Maudit’s unfortunate, traumatic childhood , his isolated life, his disappointments and sorrows, which pushes him to choose a career to be a priest, who sacrificed his personal desires to be in service of people.

The Story begins in M. le Cure’s residence. The atmosphere of the house is quite warm we are introduced to lovely grandchildren of M. le Cure’ Whom does Abbe Maudit tenderly love. Right after the children go to bed, M. La Cure is interested in Abbe Maudit’s loneliness. She is quite curious why he did not have grandchildren, why he did not get married throughout his entire life, to catch a happy sight in his own life.

Maudit begins his sad story from his childhood. He talks about how he was sent to a boarding school unwillingly, how he was thrown into isolation. He implies that he is kind of disappointed by the fact that his family did not choose to stay with him when he needed their affection as a kid but instead sent him to the boarding school for the sake of their futuristic plans about him. He tells he had to grow up without the loving mother and father figures, who left him, grow up with homesickness and over sensitiveness. He is affected by this isolation so much that his child trauma becomes his characteristic throughout his entire life. He reaches sixteen years old and he sees that he is still so sensitive about “every simple contact, every approach, and every current”. He gets back from the boarding school to Verdiers to stay with his family and still sees the disappointment that the futuristic and pragmatic plans of his family for his future continues, which leaves him bereft of family affection. Upon this, he decides to take long walks to the rural...
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