Analysis of Market Feasibility of Insurance Companies

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A Report on
“Analysis of Market Feasibility for Insurance Policies” At
Submitted by “PURTIKA BAKSHI”
Bachelors of Business Administration
5th Semester
As a partial fulfilment of the Summer Training requirement
Of BBA Program
(25th June 2013 – 24th July 2013)


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

(2011-14 Batch)

Summer Training Report


This is to declare that the Report is made for the Partial fulfillment of completion of the Course: Summer Training in 5th Semester of BBA (2011-2014 Batch) by me in Secure Solutions, Delhi, under the supervision of my mentor Dr. Smita and my industry guide was Dr. Raghav Arora.

I confirm that this report truly represents my work and accomplishment undertaken as a part of my summer internship work. This work is not a replication of work done previously by any other person. I also confirm that the contents of the report and the views contained therein have been discussed and deliberated with the Industry guide as well as the Mentor.

Signature of the Student

Name of the Student: PURTIKA BAKSHI

Register No: 00180301711



This is to certify that Ms. PurtikaBakshi, Enrolment No. 00180301711 has successfully completed the Summer Internship in Secure Solutions,New Delhi under the supervision of, Dr. Raghav Arora, Proprietor, Secure Solutions, for the Partial fulfilment of completion of the Summer Internship Training of BBA(2011-14 Batch) under our guidance.

Signature of the Mentor
(Dr. Smita)



“A Great achievement solution dawns with an idea, grows with our effort and attains fulfilment with our will power”. In our effort towards the realization of my project work, I have drawn on the guidance of many people for which I’m glad to acknowledge.

I got the opportunity to pursue my Dissertation fromSecure Solutions. It was an opportunity to work with one of the best insurance & retail service providers.
I would like to thank my mentor & guide Dr. Raghav Arora, Proprietor, Secure Solutions for providing an opportunity to carry out the project work and utilizing the facilities available. Without hisvaluable guidance and consistent support, this project would not have got underway.

I am also grateful to Dr. Soumya Arora, CSO (Sales), Secure Solutions andMr. Anupam Arora, COO(Operations), Secure Solutions for their consistent guidance and support during the analysis of the data.

I also express my gratitude towards the staff of the organization, which has helped me a lot in successful completion of my project.
I’m grateful to my mentor Dr. Smita, RDIAS for her co-operation, help and wholehearted encouragement. Herassistance enabled me, to overcome many obstacles during the work of my project study.
I’m also thankful to all those who have directly or indirectly encouraged me to complete this project.


This project titled, “Analysis of Market Feasibility for Insurance Policies ” has been done after an in-depth analysis of retail industry and insurance industry. In this project, the researcher has studied the major demands and supply of healthcare vis a vis the availability of insurance policies in the market. A primary data collection has been done through Questionnaires covering the sample of 4,200 individuals. Different individual represents different strats of society. Their views about how they feel and what they expect before buying a healthcare policy have been collected through the questionnaires.

In this report it has been studied the series of healthcare problems and their short and long term expenses. Also the average daily turned around pension and expenditure on healthcare was considered.

The project shows various types of insurances of public and private sector and also...

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