Analysis Of Kudler Fine Foods

Topics: Photography, United States copyright law, Stock photography Pages: 8 (2608 words) Published: March 11, 2015

Analysis of Kudler Fine Foods

Tracey Laverty

University of Phoenix


Dr. Louay Chebib

Image and presentation are two key elements to a company’s success. If a company does not present itself in a visually appealing way, the likelihood of its success is lower. However, the same can be said about offering a client too many images. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained between image and client. If a company is brand new to the business world, the want to use stock photos can be alarmingly strong. While these photos are not necessarily bad to use, there are some areas that become problematic. For example, if a company uses a stock photo off of a free-image website such as, the chances of them being the only ones using it are greatly lowered as royalty fees do not need to be paid. Not to say the use of these types is all bad. Stock photos can actually come in handy, and the royalty-free photos can be altered in such a way that a company can make them appear different in order to give them a different look and feel. Assuming that a company does not want to use stock photos however, there are other options. For one, a professional photographer can be hired or contracted for a series of photo sessions. While the likelihood of these images being the same as another company’s is drastically reduced, there are other parts to think about. How expensive is this photo shoot going to be? How many photo shoots will be necessary in order to achieve the look that the company is going for? Does the company have the money to spend on a photo shoot or possibly more than one? While a great photographer does not always charge a substantial fee, their work after taking the photos may be sub par. How does one avoid this? You can ask to see samples of their work, what the photographer is going to do after he or she has taken that photograph, and you can also shop around. Just because a company has asked one photographer does not mean they must stay with that photographer. There is also another option that is open to companies wanting to create photos that will highlight them: in-house photography. This can be a tricky option, however. If there is no one in the company that has the knowledge of proper photographing, then they must learn. This can cost a great deal of money and time. It also requires the company to have their own infrastructure in order to take these photos. Again, if no employee has the previous experience of this, acquiring the materials can cost a great deal of money. While there are classes that can be taken at community colleges, or other community centers, these also tend to cost money. The price can vary depending on the level of the course, length of said course, and how in depth the instructor is going to get. Some courses offer the use of their equipment, but these types of classes can be difficult to find. Whether the company decides to use stock photography, a professional photographer, or an in-house photo shoot, there is always the difficulty of choosing models. Are they going to be professional models? Will the company put up an advertisement for this? Is it a possibility to use someone from the company as a model? After this question has been answered, there can be the issue of money to pay the model (an expense that must be looked at, thought about, and remembered), and legal issues. Normally, a contract would need to be drawn up stating that the model agrees to allow the company to use the images for a business-related matter and that the model will not attempt to sue for use without consent. If an outside photographer is used, there will be more legal paperwork between the company, model, and photographer. This paperwork will have to say that the photographer allows the company to use the images, the model allows the use, and that the images will be linked back to the photographer. Not only...
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