Analysis of John Ruskin "Work"

Topics: Poverty, Working class, Victorian era Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: December 31, 2012
Analysis of an Outstanding English Essay “Work” by John Ruskin

John Ruskin (1819 -1900) was an English art critic and social philosopher, also remembered as a poet and artist. He wrote a number of essays on art and layout that became very weighty in the Victorian era. He takes cloth for his lecture “work” from the being economic circuit which is mostly sends to as “industrial circuit”. Apart from its help and aid it present a great ruin for the poor settle. The writer show the inclusive facts and harsh actuality which were reject even by those who themselves were the main victim of circuit.  * What is working class? 

Ruskin, in the very starting, is going to explain the matter that what it is meant by “working class”. Most apparently it is the facing of “idle class”. Then “idle class” will be the synonym of “upper class”. At this point, Ruskin asks ask to his viewers if he is amend in pulling this honor or not. The question is asked only with the aim to gain the pity of his viewers so that to convict them about his own arguments.  Then, he denies the above mentioned honor because the idle settle may be found in both rich and poor sort. There is a acting class among both rich and poor and there is also an idle class among both rich and poor. So the honor amid acting class and upper class has been proved to be wrong. As the topic of his lecture is work, the writer sticks to the acting class. He draws order honor amid the two sorts in several honors. The obeying are the major honors brightly drawn by the author.  * First honor

This honor is amid two sort; those who work and those who play. It can be infer easily after sharpening the remainder amid work and play. “Play” has been mock for the aim of joy with no firm end while work is quitting entirely unusual which is plan to earn aid and is done with some firm end. The writer fatally examines some common work of England that is worthy to be called “games”.  “The first English game is making money”

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