Analysis Of Jack London's To Build A Fire

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Jack London is the author of many short stories. He was born in 1876 in the city of San Francisco (Stasz). Jack London spent the summer in the Yukon in the year 1897. His trip to the Yukon inspired all of the stories that he would later write (Haigh). In "To Build a Fire" Jack London, who portrays his life experiences in his stories, writes about adventure as well as ignorance. As you read "To Build a Fire" you can't help but feel that the main character is ignorant. He is willing to sacrifice his life as well as his dogs life just to get to the camp of his friends. Before he leaves the safety of his current camp an old timer, who is seasoned to this kind of weather, tells him it is a bad idea to travel. And rather than listen to the old timers …show more content…
In his story "To Build a Fire" he showed adventure by having the main character go out into the elements at 70 degrees below zero. In real life Jack was always doing a new type of adventure and the adventure that he had just embarked on would always lead to an entertaining story or book. His time in the Yukon for example, before he ever got to the gold fields him and his cohorts were faced with a challenge. Should they play it safe and waste lots of time as well as money and go around the sketchy part of the river, or do they go straight through it and save time and money. They chose to go through and save time which shows his adventure bone. Him and his cohorts even got paid by other men to navigate the rapids for them, so they not only saved money but the made money (Haigh). In the story it wasn't quite the same situation but Jack London wrote about a man that no matter how dangerous the conditions were, he was going to get to his friends at the other …show more content…
The false hope that is expressed was when the main character built a fire for warmth and he thought he was saved. As he continued his journey he got a wet and couldn't start another fire and his hope from earlier dwindled as the fear of death set its self into his heart.This is almost that same situation that happened to him in his own life time. He wasn't in a life or death situation; however, it was when him and his buddies were searching for gold. As they prospected the area they thought they had found gold and had a sudden rush of hope, only to have it ripped from their hearts as they realized it was fools gold (Haigh). Jack London's life was packed full of adventure and glory. He makes it apparent in his stories that he was never one to be boring. In his story "To Build a Fire" Jack shows some similarities between his journeys in the Yukon and the journey that the unidentified man takes. As the 20th century progressed, Jack's fame did as well. According to a source he was the most known author around

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