Analysis of "It Happened in India"

Topics: Retailing, Pantaloon Retail India Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: January 6, 2010
Visual Merchandising : Making the store talk to the customers. Followed at pantaloons. Everything is theme based. Fashion belonged to the common man. It shouldn’t just be for the elite The first pantaloons location was chosen because there were no steps. KB felt that steps intimidated people Always emphasized on masses. Vision was that people in Mercedes and people who walked on foot should be shop at the same place. Didn’t copy the western hyper marts blindly. Western hypermarts are huge warehouses with long aisles. Meant for single shopper. Indians like to shop with family. Hence multiple floor concept copied from saravana in madras. Big bazaar was based on the concept of having a sale 365 days a year. Spent a lot on advertising in initial years to build brand value. Even incurred loss because of this. Timing of Calcutta store (pantaloons) was perfect. Durga puja was around the corner. The city was usually plagued by strikes and all. But the worst phase was now over. Moreover, the city had a huge number of middle class families with incomes to spend. KB is a person with strong opinions. He will break all traditions if he thinks that he is right. Has always believed in experimenting.

The 3 C’s- Confidence, change which together lead to an era of consumption Each community in india in peculiar in the ways it shops. Big bazaar understood the local crowd. Primary job of retailer is to create demand.

Focus was always on customer.
Store managers enjoy a lot of freedom.
Large number of micro enterprises in India.
Wants to promote the welfare of all involved in the business, including the hand rickshaw puller who delivers stuff to the shop on time. Believes there is enough space for all in the retail business. Never get too attached to any project or idea....
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