Analysis Of Inquality Essay

Topics: Family, Capitalism, Economics Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: December 19, 2014
 Carlos Diaz
Peter Hart-Brinson
SOC 101.501
November 25, 2014
Analysis of Inequality
Inequalities surround our lives like the crows over a carcass. They make up our identity no less than the color of our eyes, contour of our mouth, or freckles on the face. In the same way, we may be equipped with inequalities that may both advantage or disadvantage us. I choose to continue this analysis on the basis of what has offered me the most experience to present; my socioeconomic advantage.

Coming from a family of five children and being the first born son, comes with a burden of expectations not to mention the extended pressure of my mother’s predisposed legacy for me. Let me explain. My mother comes from a long line of wealthy real estate and vineyard owners from the port city on the southern region of France, known as Bordeaux. On my mother’s side, all prior ancestors and immediate family members have partaken in either the wine or real estate affairs of the family business. Generation down to my family and I become 15th generation, first borne male expected to carry on this tradition. Maintaining focus on the concept of socioeconomic advantage however, it becomes clear how this has developed into an inequality with leveraging abilities. Provided with a brief genealogy of my family, an important component to understanding my present situation, I can now effectively talk about how wealth has affected my life. At an early age I was given privileges and advantages that were unseen, coming down to my prematurity. Since my parents were both immigrants from France (mother) and Spain (father), they chose to have me born at the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. After being born, my parents decided to enroll me in private schools with a preselected curriculum often influenced by parents pertinent to the “course of action,” they had of their kids. When I was four, I moved to France to live with my grandmother who thought schooling in a foreign school...

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