Analysis of Il Postino: The Postman

Topics: Death, Personal life, Life Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: June 18, 2013
I think the nature of poetry is to convey the concept to others, who might change their belief by reading the poetry. In fact, a small poetry really possesses the immense power, which can exist for a long time even after the death of the poet. For example, the great poet Neruda had created lots of poetry in his life. And no matter the poetry is for expressing the love or for transmitting the ideology, the influence he made can still be seen nowadays even after his death. In this movie, we audience can also see the enormous power of poetry. The poetry Neruda wrote has made a great influence on Mario’s life. It’s his poetry that makes Mario realize the true significance in the life. I think that if Mario didn’t have the chance to meet Neruda, then he wouldn’t have found out his potential ability to get the inspiration easily from daily life. Because of having such an extraordinary experience with Neruda, Mario becomes a poet with numerous ideas. This also gives us the belief that everyone can be a poet as long as we have the will to conquer anything in our life. And it’s through the poetry that Mario finally finds his destination rather than continues to lead a mediocre life. It’s also through the poetry that Mario gets the confidence to pursue the beautiful woman, with whom he deeply falls in love. If there were not the existence of the poetry, I think Mario would still be a drifter without any passion in life. However, at the end of this movie, I am shocked by the death of Mario. The colorful and bright part of his lifetime can be said that is to start with the poetry; but ironically, it’s also because of the poetry that indirectly results in Mario’s death. Actually, I think it’s kind of unfair that he died and didn’t get the chance to display his poetry. If he were dead when giving out his poetry, I wouldn’t have felt so much pity. He has always been a loyal friend of Neruda, who can be said is Mario’s guide of the life. It’s the poetry that constructs a...
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