Analysis of Ice Cream Brands: Ben & Jerry's, and Berthillon

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Véronique SCART


LEROY Marion
LIEGE Oriane

Groupe 503B

PART 1: Marketing environment and presentation of the 2 companies P3 1) Ice-cream market in France P3
2) Presentation of Ben & Jerry’s P3
a. Brand identity P3
b. Mission & Values P4
3) Presentation of Berthillon P5
c. Brand identity P5
d. Mission & Values P6
4) Competitors P6
e. Ben & Jerry’s P6
f. Berthillon P7
PART 2: Target & Positioning P8
1) Segmentation & targets P8
a. Ben & Jerry’s P8
b. Berthillon P9
2) Positioning P9
c. Ben & Jerry’s P9
d. Berthillon P10
PART 3: Politic and communication strategies: Communication Mix P10 1) Communication strategies P10
a. Ben & Jerry’s P10
b. Berthillon P11
PART 4: Comparison between Ben & Jerry’s and Berthillon P12 1) Points of parity P12
2) Points of difference P12
Conclusion P12


Ice cream in a few word is…
Pleasure…. Indeed, it is always a pleasure for our taste but to enjoy an delicious ice cream. Conviviality…To eat is also sharing a moment with others and it is always a great time when you walk around Paris’streets and you can stop by for one or two ice balls. Trendy…Ice-cream maker create a real image around their brand and their ice creams so then, consuming became identification and expression of themselves. Thus, we decided to make our analyze on two famous ice cream’s brand: Ben & Jerry’s and Berthillon. Ben & Jerry’s as a global brand and Berthillon as a local brand. So that’s why it is interesting to wonder how the two brand, Ben & Jerry’s and Berthillon are different and comparable?

PART 1: Marketing environment and presentation of the 2 companies:

1) Ice-cream market (evolutions, actual tendencies…)

In France, sales of ice cream are more or less stable since 2000. Ice cream remains the favourite French dessert. Throughout the French territory, for only 350 artisans glaciers the only activity is the manufacture of ice cream. In addition, there are 70 000 artisans who make ice cream seasonally or in parallel with other activities. Glaciers artisans seek to distinguish themselves from their competitors by the quality of industrial products they offer, including the passing of their raw materials. In fact, their prices are higher than those charged by manufacturers, but they have a different target.

French consume 6 litters of ice cream per year against 23 litres for the Americans. This difference is especially due to the fact that the ice is often considered as a festive dessert or associated with summer periods for French consumers. However, it tends to become a consumer product, independent of the seasons. The ice cream market is a saturated market (high penetration rate) and the actors put on niche products to differ from competitors by focusing on quality and originality. For example, ice cream and bio will be offered by some artisans glaciers, such as the Parisian brand Amorino. The brand offers for example organic grapefruit sorbet or sherbet innovate with a banana.

2) Presentation of Ben & Jerry’s

a) Brand Identity:

Ben & Jerry's was founded in 1978 and named after its two creators Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield two young New Yorkers. Since 2000 Ben & Jerry's has joined the Unilever group. The...
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