Analysis of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States"

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Historian, Force Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: October 26, 2010
The Late Howard Zinn is a very respectable historian. He is very bold and is willing to state things that cause quite a bit of controversy. Throughout one’s youth we go on learning history in anecdotes and learning important facts such as dates and memorization of legal documents; however Zinn takes a very crucial look at small events and also takes note of who the founding fathers were and what they really wanted.

Howard Zinn believed that the true reason for the civil war was truly for wealth rather than for a true dream of a land of freedom. The colonists knew that that “American leadership was less in need of English rule, the English more in need of the colonists’ wealth.” Bearing this in mind, The colonists could think of no good reason to stay under control of England who was taxing them heavily and using them as a very effective growth tool in their economy.

Many historians most likely disagree with Zinn’s views but, his suggestion and opinions are not without good reason and valid suspicion. If the four father were so inclined for a “free nation” how come they were not on the front lines fighting for what they believe in. They led a revolution behind the safety of their desks and quill pens. As Zinn points out the rich could pay for substitutes even at the time of draft, while the poor are forced to fight the battles that many don’t even believe in, which is why the saying, “Tyranny is Tyranny let it come from who it may” stands true.

So the Revolutionary war began, with soldiers with poor morale, so poor a morale that most soldiers only stayed in service for the minimum time required. With morale, they would have been an unstoppable force, keeping in mind most white male colonists already owned a rifle and knew how to operate it. However the downfall of our troops was pointed out by Alexander Hamilton, “… Our countrymen have all the folly of the ass and all the passiveness of the sheep… They are determined not to be free.. If we are to be saved,...
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