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Analysis of Hell House, a Documentary by George Ratliff

By hannah01331 Dec 20, 2010 322 Words
In the documentary “Hell House”, filmmaker George Ratliff takes you through the production of a hell house from the planning to the actual event. A hell house is an event put on by various churches as a way of outreach. It is a compilation of scenes that are meant to scare people into salvation. It is also used by some churches as a Christian alternative to a haunted house. The actors and producers of these events are church members who see this as a ministry outlet to spread their faith to others. They are very dedicated to the goal of bringing others to salvation. The attendees of these events are church members and non-church members. The church members attend these events in support and encouragement. The non-church members attend either because they are encouraged to go by church members or merely because they are curious. The significance of the Hell House is to show people hat can happen as a result of sin. Some of the attendees are offended because some of the things that are classified or demonstrated as sins at these events are things that they see as acceptable. For this reason, I think that in some cases these productions could deter deviant behavior, but not in all. Many people that do not see these things as wrong are not necessarily going to change their minds about it as a result of one event, such as a hell house. I think the hell house is trying to say that many of today’s teens are sexually and behaviorally immoral. The people who criticize these events say that those who put them on are “close-minded” and non-accepting of those who are different. A functionalist theorist would say that a Hell House is an outside factor that can influence a person’s decisions. This documentary was an very interesting way to study the phenomenon of hell houses.

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