Analysis Of Gopro

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Brand Attributes:
In 2002 Nicholas Woodman, was on a surfing trip in Australia when he realized the need for an affordable, modest in size, camera that people could use to capture their experiences. This is how the GoPro came about. GoPro is known for it's small, rugged, waterproof cameras. The original GoPro Camera named the "Hero" was initially available in silver.  The cameras have a very distinct wide angle lens, often giving images a sort of fish eye perspective. Image quality and length of filming has significantly increased over the years, and as the new lines of Heros continue to be released. The cameras are known for their durability and waterproof shells that distinguishes GoPro from its competitors. This camera can be mounted on...

GoPro has been able to reinforce brand loyalty by creating an opportunity for users to share their content on several different platforms. These include instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. In fact, At least 6,000 GoPro-tagged videos are uploaded to YouTube every day (source). The brand targets young consumers around the ages of 18-35 who are both professional and amateur athletes, as well as travelers and photographers (source 1). Now, with a declining market share, GoPro has realized the need to appeal to a wider range of people. Not everyone lives an action-packed life, so many don’t see the need to have this specific sort of...

Nick Woodman, the founder of GoPro recognized the need for affordable cameras that were durable, portable, had a short shutter speed, and that was waterproof. Thus, he produced a camera with a very distinctive look. However, the technology within the GoPro camera is not incredibly unique, many other compact cameras available on the market have the same capabilities and features. The only real competitive advantage GoPro has, is the fact that they are a more identifiable brand with a strong following. What sets the brand apart from others is it’s user-centered marketing strategy and that the product is customizable (thanks to all the different accessories), has a compact design and is very user-friendly. GoPro has nearly 4.7 million followers on youtube, 10.3 million on Facebook, 13.5 million followers on Instagram and 2.2 million followers on Twitter (source 2).  GoPro users take pictures or film and then post these images and videos on social networking sites using the hashtag #gopro. In fact, nearly all of the marketing done for GoPro is user generated. Although, some videos are endorsed by famous athletes like Chris Davenport, Travis Rice, and Danny MacAskill. GoPro's traditional competitors are Sony, Contour, Apple, Polaroid, and Garmin (source). Recently, Sony and Contour have released cameras at a price point of $199, so they are a bit cheaper than GoPro (source). However, there is another way that...
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