Analysis of George Washington's Farewell Address

Topics: Point, Country, 2002 albums Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: October 7, 2010
An analysis of George Washington’s Farewell Address shows that there were three points he wanted to stress. The points being his decision not to be considered for a 3rd term, his advice to the country to stand united, and his advice to the future leaders of the country concerning foreign policy. The first point concerning his decision not to be considered for a 3rd term was something that Washington had given a lot of thought to and had even decided to do before the beginning of his 2nd term. He had even gone so far as to write a farewell address at the end of what he believe to be his first and only term as President, the reason he accepted the 2nd term was due to the uncertain stability of the young country, the uncertain status of the countries position with other countries, as well as the numerous requests that he continue to be the man that made decisions on behalf of the country. Another issue that led to his decision was that the weight of the office was wearing on him, and he felt that it was time for him to step away from political life and allow someone else to accept the position. Those he felt he was no longer the man to run the country he was very grateful to those who placed him in the position, as well as those who supported the decisions he made while attempting to make all the right choices to lead the country down the correct path. Grateful though he was for what he had been given the opportunity to accomplish he was also humble enough to acknowledge that he could not have done any of it without the support of the citizens who he urged to care for and defend the constitution as well as each other and that if they did so, then the country would prosper which would draw the attention of other countries. He closed this point by telling us that he had some specific advice concerning how everyone should act and treat each other, which he felt was an unbiased opinion due to the decision he had made.

Washington began his second...
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