Analysis Of Geordie Shore Title Sequenc

Topics: Newcastle upon Tyne, River Tyne, Sequence Pages: 2 (946 words) Published: November 13, 2014
Analysis of Geordie Shore Title Sequence
The music in the title sequence is very upbeat and dancey. The words in the song say ‘ everyone’s here to party, if you want to go hard if you want to go hard’ It indicates to the audience that the genre of the text is going to be quite wild and entertaining. It instantly establishes the genre of the text to be a possibly controversial programme that may be looked down on by certain members of society. The sequence is showing that the text will all be factual as its showing real life people and they are saying an opinion about themselves, also the people in the title sequence are all being showed in smaller videos in the background (green screened) showing parts of the programme or them doing things at home, again enforcing that it is factual as they are not being forced in anyway by MTV. From the beginning the tone is being set as being very lively and a big party from start to finish, they are all dancing and laughing showing that they are just there to have fun and don’t really have a care in the world, also some of the characters are shown as quite shallow in the things they say about themselves, again showing that their just having fun and don’t really care about anything. The purpose of the text is definitely to entertain a lower class audience aged between 14-25 as it is all about a group of people living in a house together and going out and partying, getting drunk and having fun. However it is frowned on by a lot of people as it also shows some nakedness and scenes that people of an older generation may not find appropriate for their children to be watching. As well as the visual side, the language isn’t much better and it includes lots of swearing and fighting. This is showing the wrong image to the younger side of the audience which is why I think people worry a lot about it. Also it is very misleading because they are put in a massive house and just go out and everything paid for by the producers, giving a...
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