Analysis Of Garfield Elementary Reading

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These findings are based on the responses to an interview conducted with Johan. It was indicated that his interest for reading was not entirely lost but was influenced by peers because they find reading to be boring. According to the results, there is interest in reading about action or adventure books and his favourite book is Mr. Wumble’s Treasure. In many instances, whenever Johan reads at the school’s library, he will sit with his friends to read. There was an indication within the results that states the best thing that interest Johan about the opportunities of reading is learning about new things and words but the worst thing is having to sound out difficult words while reading or when the possibility arises. Nevertheless, reading is strongly encouraged at home but he also enjoys his pastime activity which was identified as playing football.
It is evident in the responses provided by the administering of the Garfield Elementary Reading Survey that Johan’s overall attitude towards reading has been deemed to be very low. In the calculation of scores of rating, the total scores of the survey that was achieved by the student was forty-eight (48) points. These points were distributed within the recreational and the academic reading interest which placed Johan in the percentile rank of 87%.

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The home environment plays a major role in the student’s life, at the home broken english is spoken, (Trinidad Creole or Dialect), therefore that is the language adapted. Also many students do not recognize the suffix -ed in words they leave it out entirely. The reader tried to self-correct because he sees the -ed at the end of the word but often times did not not pronounce it. This shows that the child was very determined to make sense of what he has read.(Smith, et al

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