Analysis of Gapfit Ad

Topics: Blue, Woman, Consumer protection Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Analysis of GAPFit Ad/Silvana Arroyo

To: Ivanna Rightwell
From: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
Date: 18 June 2013
Subject: Analysis ad for GapFit fitness clothing

Purpose: GapFit is targeting the self-conscience consumer, by preying on a woman’s insecurities. GAPFit’s goal is to make a woman feel unattractive and weak. Women will feel empowered, confident and more beautiful by wearing GapFit gear.

Description: The top 75% of the ad is a plain muted light blue color, the bottom 25% is a weathered wooden deck with slates running vertically across the page. The model in the ad is a young, beautiful, athletic, blond woman in her mid twenties, squatting down on the deck. Her left leg bent underneath, her right leg stretched out beside her. Her arms are in front of her with her fingertips on the deck and fingers outstretched. She is wearing a form fitting, crew neck style, long sleeved, nylon teal GapFit training shirt. She is also wearing a black capri length jogging pants with sea foam blue colored running shoes. Her hair is in a side braid, with her bangs wisping in the wind. Her blue eyes are almost to dark to see from the shadow that is cast by the sun. Her mouth is slightly open giving the impression of a hard labored workout. To her right is the abstract G GapFit logo. Just underneath the G are the words GapFit, fit is in a more slender font than Gap. At the bottom right hand corner of the page are the words, “Available at GapBody and select Gap stores“.

Target audience: This ad is targeted to the outer-directed emulators following the newest trends. These consumers will spend the extra money to be fashionably active. Gap also targets the inner-directed I am me types with simple, classic clothing, comfortable and stylish for working out.

Strategies: The subdued background shows intensity of the model’s workout. Her stance shows the mobility and function in...
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