Analysis Of Fletcher Building Company

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Executive summary
Fletcher building company is largest construction company in NEW ZEALAND. Its history began, when they build a timber weather board house in Dunedin, New Zealand. They transformed many times over following 92 years. At last in 2001 they listed as Fletcher Building Limited on the New Zealand stock exchange.
The Headquarter of Fletcher Company is in Auckland (Penrose) New Zealand. There are 18,800 employees are working globally and there are 50 businesses operating under the Fletcher building banner. They are Australasia largest building materials supplier.
External situation analysis:-
Market ( customer) Fletcher building company is New Zealand’s largest building company. They are targeting to make big project like they did in past like sky tower, upper harbour bridge etc. So they are looking to do government projects so they can make profit and also...

Because they also provide feedback about them.
Cultural changes New Zealand is now multi-cultural country. Their lots of workers working in Fletcher company. They all belongs different culture. So they should have to make friendly environment, so there will be not conflict between them. They have to be prepared to solve any kind of problem.
Financial changes and/or issues Fletcher building company is a New Zealand registered company under their companies act they have a right to claim the things as a creditor in the event of liquidation of the Fletcher constructions. There is no subsidiary guaranteed on the Fletcher buildings.

S W O T analysis:-
Brand name: - A strong brand name is also strength of Fletcher Company. This also gives them ability to charge higher price for their product. Because they give customer quality of work and also use high quality of...
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