Analysis of Financial Ratios of Dlf

Topics: Accounts receivable, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Balance sheet Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: August 24, 2011
How can DLF improve in it’s various ratios ?
Asset Utilization
The utilization of assets forms the basis for the profitability of a firm. Overbuying the assets leads to a lower utilization rate.   Operating cycle = Days inventory + Days receivable
Net operating cycle = Operating cycle – days payable
Greater the operating cycle greater is the liquidity required to meet short term obligations. Greater liquidity implies large requirement of short term assets which can easily be put to use. Large accumulation of assets (fixed as well as short term) leads to their underutilization. So, probably in order to increase the asset utilization they need to rethink their strategy and process with an eye towards making better use of available resources. They should think in terms of better marketing strategy and better sales promotion. Operating Efficiency

The under utilization of assets is related to long operating cycle. Hence to improve operating efficiency the first thing to be done is reduction in the operating cycle which can be achieved in two ways. 1. Increase the days account payable which will offset the long account receivable period. This can be done by getting good credits from the customer. 2. Strengthening the market strategy which can reduce the account receivable period. Profitability

Profitability can directly be increased if the asset utilization is increased an operating efficiency is increased. Additionally, DLF has been accused on unfair trade practices and some other issues for which they had to pay a penalty for 650 mn so if they improve on these things, and deliver projects on time, perhaps profitabilty will improve. Leverage

The current Debt to Equity ratio for Industry is 0.91 whereas for DLF it is 1.09. This indicates that this company is at par with the industry in leverage which can be further improved by lowering the debt which can be achieved by increasing the asset utilization. Liquidity

The nature of the business is such that it...
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