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Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to invite people into the fantasy world of the film, just as a small girl in the picture looks invited into the bright light.The characters depicted in the poster are shown from far away with the back, making it impossible to see her face. Therefore, adding to the mystery of the entire thing. It also has details of the film at the bottom.

Colour: The colour palette of the poster is teal, which gives the colour in the poster in black, blues and bright white where the light is in the centre. The use of dark colour on the poster gives it a sense of mystery and danger. The white in the centre makes you look at the tree just in front of the light, using it to draw attention. Although this image is strongly rooted, black is still used in the design a lot, which takes away a bit from the image of it as a death colour, yet keeps its air of elegance and sophistication. In movies in particular, the dark colour is used a lot in movies with horror or gothic themes, using our fear of the unknown and unexplored – the dark spaces we know nothing about – to promote their themes. So, these three main colour showing that the poster a sense of darkness and mystery, as well as a somewhat sickening feel to it. It's quite obviously a fantasy colour palette, and it matches the genre of the movie and makes people focus on the intriguing picture in the middle.

Key Image: The main image in the picture is of the back of the girl. The small girl is walking towards and standing in front of what look like an old time portal. The shadows and the shapes of lurching trees surrounding on her. The girl looks as if she is wandering off into the unknown, showing that there’s going to be some suspense and possibly scary parts in the movie. The large dark arches with the goblin face on them also give off the essence of creepiness. She may be stepping into the unknown.

Background: The poster as it includes a lot of the clear blue...
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