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Analysis of "Fight" by Laurel Blossom

By fairywitch18 Nov 04, 2008 428 Words
Complete opposite attract, just like a magnet. However at times, it may not always work out for the best. In “Fight” by poet Laurel Blossom, the contrast between the narrator and her lover seems to have affected her decision to either strive through their relationship in order to make it work or opt out.

The narrator immediately tells readers “That is the difference between me and [him]”, helping readers understand from the start that they these lovers have their differences, as do most people in relationships do. However the narrator goes on to list their differences throughout the entire poem. She talks of how he “pack[s] an umbrella, #30 goo/And a red flannel shirt.” and later discusses their differences in hobbies, weather, natural state of temperature, and material preference when it comes to clothing. However the narrator bluntly states “ That's not what I do.” as if she's trying to reinforce the idea and emphasize it so that readers can understand that they are complete opposite of one another.

In the third stanza she uses repetition to add stress on “Florida” which could possibly mean that she's trying to give readers the feel of her environment and setting of the poem. It's a reasonable possibility considering the fact that in the next stanza, readers get a list of activities usually done in sunny and pleasant weather which Florida is known for. Once again the compare and contrast pattern is seen again as she critically states “[He] dig[s] in the garden. I swim in the pool/I like to wear cotton. [He] like[s] to wear wool.” in order to sincerely persuade her lover, since she addresses him directly within it, that they are too different for one another.

In the last stanza the narrator finally comes to a conclusion after her rant of contrasting her and her lovers lifestyles. Apparently “[He] wants[s] to get married. [She] wants to be free”, which shocks readers, especially when the narrator blatantly tells her lover, who originally was the one she was talking to, that even though he doesn't seem to mind “that is the difference between you and me”. The way that the narrator formed her poem, makes this line the strongest one and gives readers this feeling that she wants to end whatever is going on between them. Her constant repetition within the poem that they are completely different and the constant contrasting between lifestyles, adds emphasis to her decision to end what they had since she wants to be “free”.

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