Analysis of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos

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15th February 2012

Is our country really on drugs?

Has the United States of America become a country that seeks every ounce of better entertainment, no matter the effects that may hinder the entertainer? According to Carl Elliott 's article, “This is Your Country on Drugs” ( Ramage 643-645), we have subconsciously adopted the social theory of being less desirable if we do not consume performance-enhancers. Does Elliott make a reputable argument?

First, we must look at the logic of the argument. Elliott does a very good job pointing out that more people than you would think are taking performance-enhancing drugs of some sort. He says, “College kids take Ritalin..., musicians take beta blockers..., and middle-aged men take Viagra...” (Elliott 644) all to boost their performance levels. He also hits on, of course, professional athletes using steroids to better their play. He says the only difference between the other examples and steroids are that, “... if athletes want performance-enhancing drugs, they go to the black market. If the rest of us want drugs, we go to our family doctors.” (Elliott 644) What Elliott sees are only the legal stances in the matter. He is missing the health standpoint that, although they all have symptoms, steroids are by far the worst physically and mentally. There are many circumstances where athletes have reported a decline or shrinkage in their physique, while also feeling a vast difference mentally through abusive actions than before using the drugs. So his logic seems to qualify for the fear of not doing as well as someone could do with drugs. But he fails to acknowledge in the article the health factors that follow performance enhancers. To which are very important to many people.

Secondly, how does he match up to the level of credibility he must undoubtedly have when addressing such touchy subjects? Well, Elliott has both a Ph.D. in philosophy and a M.D. in pediatrics. Those are definitely

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