Analysis of Ethical Dilemma from Current Events

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Analysis of Ethical Dilemma from Current Events
Lilly Fernandus
Grand Canyon University
Ethical Decision Making in Health Care
NRS 437 V
July 16, 2011

Analysis of Ethical Dilemma from Current Events Nowadays, ethical dilemmas are an integral part of the health care system. It takes place when there are different opinions on moral claims. We get to a conflict when there is good evidence to indicate that a certain act is morally wrong or right but neither the evidence is definite (Beauchamp and Childress 1994). Health care settings have ethical dilemmas arise at any time due to different opinions. The article, “Ethical dilemma due to man’s kidney transplant”, which was published in Shanghai daily on March 17, 2011( is an example of an ethical dilemma situation. The incident narrated was at a hospital in China. A 35 year old man is diagnosed with kidney failure due to uremia. In his family, the patient is the main earning member in the family. It consists of an old father and a mother who has cancer and three other brothers. Thus he had to give up his job for the treatment of his kidney problem. At that point, the patient is in a desperate need of a kidney transplant. The published news states that “the father is too old, mother is sick and two brothers are married and has family” and that none of them can donate their kidney to their son. The family decided to use the last brothers kidney as he is mentally challenged and can be a donor for his elder brother. The younger brother cannot make decisions for himself and his family members decide to consent for kidney donation. The surgeon, in charge of the kidney transplant, believes that there are ethical concerns because of the donor’s disability. The ethical dilemma here is whether to allow the mentally disabled man to be a donor for his elder brother or not.

Analyzing the scenario according to Decision making Model

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