Analysis of Enterprise's Current Situation, Strategy and Recommendations

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Founded in 1957 by Jack Taylor, an entrepreneur, in Missouri, USA with just seven cars he invested his money and ideas into Executive Leasing, which later became Enterprise. In over 55 years, the business is becoming bigger and bigger. Until now, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has more than 7,000 rental offices in five countries as United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Germany. Even when operating with the large size, the company is still run like a small business. Enterprise focuses so much on customer service, which become the most competitive advantage of the company. Enterprise’s strategy is to achieve and fulfill its mission started by Jack Taylor’s simple philosophy: “Take care of your customers and employees first, and profits will follow.”

This report is hearted to give you the understanding of Enterprise’s business strategies as well as the position of company in UK market. From that, company can maximize the competitive advantage of company, use it effectively in order to expand business, and improve the weakness of company. Moreover, the reader can apply some recommendations below in Enterprise to get better performance.

1. Methodology
1.1 Secondary methods
In this report, I use documentation as secondary sources of information in the form of articles, written report and websites, to collect information of theories relevant for this report, as well as background information about Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company in international market. In terms of secondary information, all previous research related topic on marketing strategy would be important sources of information. The most important tool that our group uses is the Internet through websites that contain information of Enterprise.

1.2 Primary methods
The survey questionnaire is chosen as my primary data collection method, due to its strength to focus on the customer’s behavior. The primary information would to be collected directly from target customers in UK market through Survey questionnaires conducting. (See Appendix 1)

1.3 Survey methods
The questionnaires would be given to 100 random customers and after finish commenting, we will take them back and collect them. I apply this method at London, because I have many friends are living here who can give me a hand in collecting survey, so the cost for this research project will be cheaper than other areas. Besides using questionnaire, I also use random sampling to ensure that the sample selected is free from bias. I will give directly survey to the hand of customers.

1.4 Analysis of data
In order to finish this report, I applied two methods: Qualitative by Marketing Communications Model and Quantitative by analyzing questionnaire. The collected information was used to analysis customer behavior about advertising on parking ticket service.

Data after collected from questionnaires survey is analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) software and Microsoft Excel to analyze information by transforms the collected data into pie charts, bar charts, tables, line charts, etc…

2. Situation analysis
Basically, SWOT analysis is the tool that used by entrepreneurs for business plan purposes. This technique has introduced by Albert Humphrey who led a convention at Stanford Research Institute in the 1960s and 1970s using data from Fortune 500 companies. The SWOT analysis method evaluates the co-operation in two categories, which are for internal audit (i.e. Strength, Weakness/Limitation) and external audit (i.e. Opportunity and Threat). This analysis matrix clearly draws the objective of business venture and gives the both positive and negative sides of the business operation. It plays very important role to keep track of enterprise to go and follow its goals and mission. Therefore, the tool can be very useful for entrepreneurs to make a quicker respond to the market’s fluctuation and...
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