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Analysis of Dream Deferred

By caramelhottie08 Mar 26, 2007 357 Words
Today's driving force in America is dreams. Each and every individual has a dream. Though everyone has a dream, there are obviously struggles and tribulations accomplishing the dream. This poem, "Dream Deferred," by Langston Hughes, is only one expression of many dreams. As an African American, living in a time when blacks are thought to be an inferior minority group, dreams and goals are difficult to realize. Hughes pertinently expresses his frustrations in his poem "Dream Deferred." As individuals read this poem, no matter the time period, they relate to the simple universal message expressed. The message expressed in a nutshell is that a postponed dream can, but not necessarily, end up not being accomplished. Langston's answers to the question are metaphors for what could happen to a dream deferred. The first scenario is "Dry up like a raisin in the sun…"which symbolizes a hardening. If a dream is destroyed it hardens the heart. It becomes useless just like the dried up raisin. The second scenario is describes a festering sore, symbolizing infection. Dreams that are left to die will infect or poison the mind. Thirdly, Hughes uses the image of rotten meat to describe dashed dreams. This conjures up images of stench and sourness. The conquered dreamer is left with a sour disposition. Fourth, Hughes describes demolished dreams as "crust and sugared over." This again symbolizes a hardening or a shell being formed. The person develops a shell and isolates themselves.

This author is very expressive in how he feels about his dreams and shows his frustration at not being able to pursue and fulfill his dreams. This author uses very precise and juvenile diction so that his audience will comprehend easily. As stated before Hughes is writing for a group of illiterate individuals. This poem caught my attention though a hook, which Hughes used as the first sentence of the poem. He asks a rhetorical question, which leaves room for the imagination to roam. He then fills the empty gaps with possible answers to the question. This is known as one of Langston Hughes' many famous poems, one of my favorites.

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