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Topics: Grammatical tense, Present tense, Past tense Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Explore how the theme of suffering is presented in “Disabled” “Disabled” is about after a man who has “victoriously” come back from war, but he has lost one of his hands and both legs. He is disabled, so he needs to stay in institutes for the rest of his life, and he needs to be taken care of by nurses. He cannot do what he used to do, like playing football and chatting with girls. It shows how regretful he is. Wilfred Owen has used different techniques to present the theme of suffering. He has used the title, and varied types of languages like emotive lexis, visceral imagery and shifting of tenses to express that the man, Soldiers, and himself are suffering from the consequences of war and the hardship from the reality of war. He also used mixture of sentence types, iambic pentameter, punctuation, and contrast to convey to the readers that the man and the writer himself do not want to face the coldness of the world. Wilfred Owen has used the title “Disabled” to foreground that himself and the man are suffering. The title implies a strong image that this person or himself is limbless. It is very certain and powerful, explaining how he is suffering from being disabled. Also, the writer has used the lexis “Disabled” as a summary of his life; what he can do normally in the olden day are his memories now. “Now he will never feel again how slim girls’ waists are”, as he has lost his legs and one hand therefore become disabled, and he needs to sit in a wheel chair. He is no longer handsome and attractive anymore, so no woman is attracted by him and no woman wants to go over to talk to him. As a result, he can’t feel the waists of any girls again in his life. Moreover, as he is disabled and sitting in a wheel chair, the women do not want to go near him and touch him either, as if he has “some queer disease”. From this, it shows that the soldiers, like himself are emasculated. They have lost their manhood and they are devastated. The author has also used visceral...
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