Analysis of Cooper Thompson's Essay, We Should Reject Traditional Masculinity

Topics: Gender, Man, Education Pages: 3 (505 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Wanda Li 7-15-10

In Cooper Thompson’s essay, “We Should Reject Traditional Masculinity”

divides different images of masculinity into four sections. In Pam McAllister’s

poem, Reweaving the Web of Life which is a contrast viewing of strength

between a woman and a lion. In Learning Violence, talks about two most critical

socializing forces: homophobia and misogyny how it effect boys. Schools and

Athletics talks about the changes in socialization occur to men and how they

were influence to masculinity. And last Boys Will Be Boys talks about equality

with men and female that they are all the same. He also interviewed some

students in a suburban high school about masculinity.

The traditional definition of masculinity include such qualities as

independence, pride, resiliency, self control and physical strength. It can be

change into qualities such as competitiveness, toughness, aggressiveness and

power. For example, he says that the boy who doesn’t show these qualities and

might be called a “fag”. The boy is most likely becoming aware of having f

feminine qualities. Cooper also believe that the two most critical socializing

forces in a boy’s life are homophobia, the hatred of gay men and misogyny, the

hatred of women and how it can hurt boys.

One new image of masculinity I thought of… is a man-ly character of a

men, who have pride and power in them. When a man is proud of something

or showing their reputation, they are confident about themselves. Such as body

builders, like they have a muscular body and can be found on magazines and

television which makes them proud because they see themselves in the public.

Another image of masculinity is that men who have their own roles.

They are the leader of the households because they support the family by

bringing money back unlike the...
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