Analysis of Coca Cola Co Ltd

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Analysis of Coca Cola Co Ltd



Coca-Cola Company Limited is the world’s largest beverage company as well as the leading producer of soft drinks. The company has spent millions of dollars in the research and development as well as marketing and production in order to create a new unique product to gain the advantages in the so-competitive market. This report is basically focused on how Coca-Cola Company Limited can analyze the market situation and use the best strategies in order to compete with other competitors in the global market. This report will also include the SWOT analysis of the company and the problems the company faced. The strategies used, recommendations and plan implementations will also be examined in this paper.

History and Background

Coca-Cola Company Ltd. starts from the discovery of Coca-Cola mixture by the Dr. John Pemberton who tried to mix the caramel mixture with carbonated water. In the first few year, he only sold one kind of products, but now is the wold largest producer of non-alcoholic beverages.

Coca Cola Company Ltd.. is listed as the most valuable firm in the world. They owned over 300 brands in over 200 countries and serving carbonated soft drink and non-carbonated beverages such as fruit juice, fruit drink, sports drinks, coffees and bottled water. Not only preserving and operating in their existing brand, Coca-Cola Co. also develops new global and local brands to reach, attract and satisfy broader range of consumers.

In 2002, the company has launched new kinds of products including Diet Lemon Coke, Vanilla Coke and large varieties of fruit taste Fanta including lime, grape, strawberry and passion fruit. The company has also acquired many new international water brands such as Danone Waters, Sparklettes, Alhambra and Evian brands in US. Coca-Cola Company Ltd has invested a huge amount in marketing campaign to advertise and market their brands publicly. The purpose for these campaigns are to enhance the consumer awareness and increase customers’ commitment to the certain brand of the company. As a result, Coca-Cola Co. has maintained a long-term growth and profit as well as large market share in the worldwide non-alcoholic beverage market.

Problem or Issue Identification

Situation Analysis


* Coca-Cola Co. is global Soft drink industry leader. Their products are sold almost around the world. According to the Business Week Magazine, Coca Cola was listed at NO.1 in the world's 100 most valuable brand in terms of their asset values (Business Week Magazine, 2003).

* Global brand recognition. Its brand is well known in 90% of the world (Allen, 1995).

* Large varieties of product. Coca-Cola Co. Besides the carbonated soft drink, Coca Cola Co. has provided other types of beverages such as water, fruit juices and sport drinks to satisfy different customer's needs and wants.

* Wide area of distribution. Their products are largely distribute in over 200 countries. It has successfully sold 1 billion sales unit globally over the years (PR Newswire, 2003).

* Easy to be purchased. People could buy the product in supermarket, convenience store, vending machines, food court, fast food shop, etc.

* Lots of product innovations. Coca Cola Company keeps creating a new and unique item to satisfy the consumers’ wants. An example of successful innovation is the introduction of Vanilla Coke which was first launched in US on May 2002 and continued to launch in Canada, Australia and Hong Kong and New Zealand as well as around the world (Datamonitor plc, 2003).

* They can use their vast amount of capital and resources to advertise and market their products more intensively to increase the awareness of the consumers


* Competition within the company; as Coca Cola Co. has a wide range of product line such as Coca Cola Classic, Diet-Coke, Sprite, POWERade, Dr Pepper, Fanta and Aquarius. This will...

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