analysis of Chinese running man

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The Analysis of Chinese Running Man

Brief Introduction
Chinese Running Man is now very famous in China. Season one of this program was from October 10th,2014, to December 26th,2014, in every Friday night, and each set of program lasted for nearly 90 minutes. Chinese Running Man has bought the copyright of Korean Running Man from Seoul Broadcasting System(SBS) , and was created by both Zhejiang Satellite TV and SBS. This is a reality program, and the outdoor variety show is of high-interest which can make people feel relaxed after a whole week's works. The program has seven constant hosts and several different guests in each set. And the audience rating of Chinese running man is much higher than the same kind of programs. The host team:

Deng Chao is the leader of the team. It is his duty to hold the whole program. Li Chen is the most powerful person in the team. Also, he is softhearted, he is always deceived by Chen He, he still choose to trust him. And in the program, he is called "Mom Chen" by Chen He. Chen He has rich facial expression, and his exaggerate expression has been one of the characteristics in the program. Zheng Kai can run the fastest in the team, he just like a cheetah. Also, he is the person who always protect Angela Baby. Angela Baby is the only female in the host team. She is beautiful and smart, so she is the light spot of the hosts. And Zheng kai and she has formed the "Friday couple". Wang Zulan is a comedian, so he is good as using self-mockery to create laughing points. Wang Baoqiang can do the Chinese Kungfu, so he can move very flexible. Also he is simple and honest. Wang Zulan and he have been the "Baolan brother" in the host team.( Wang Baoqiang has been changed in season two of Chinese running man) The seven hosts have different characteristics, and their audience are in different region. The audiences of Deng Chao and Zheng Kai are distributed in mainland China equally. Wang Zulan and Angela Baby's audiences are mainly concentrated in Guangdong Province, Macau and Hong Kong. Most of Li Chen and Wang Baoqiang's audiences are in the North of China. And Chen He has more audiences in the South of China. The strategies have been used in Chinese Running Man

1. Differentiation strategy
An obvious solution is differentiation. The seven hosts have distinct character traits. Whether Deng Chao’s wit or Wang Zulan’s humor, the hosts become the program’s selling point and funny point. 2. Forward integration

There is distribution. From 2014.10.10, in Zhejiang TV, Chinese running man was broadcasted every Friday night at 9:10 p.m. It is not only on TV, but also broadcasted on websites. For example, it would be broadcasted at 11:30 p.m. in Youku(优酷), so it guarantees the audience rating, and we can watch the program at any time from that time. 3. Horizontal integration strategy

In business, horizontal integration is a strategy where a company creates or acquires production units for outputs which are alike - either complementary or competitive. The mainly part of the strategy that introduced here is cooperation. a) The cooperation with enterprises

One of the most attractive is the cooperation with Wanda group. In the 10th edition of the program, Chinese running man came to Wuhan, live in the Wanda Reign Hotel, and recorded a segment in the Wanda cinema. Thus, on the first day of Chinese running man film, the row piece rate reached sixty percent of Wanda cinema. b) The cooperation with guests

First of all, the invitation of higher popularity guests can attract the attention of audience. For example, the audience rating of program that the Chinese running man members battled against the South Korea reached a peak, and it created a lot of topics in each network platform. Second, the guests to participate in the program can also promote their works. JJ Lin as a guest in the eleventh edition of the program, he sang his new song in the show, and invited one of the hosts--Angelababy to...
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