Analysis of China, Nubia, and Olmecs (2200-250 Bce)

Topics: China, Civilization, Polytheism Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Analysis of China, Nubia, and Olmecs (2200-250 BCE)

This analysis will be comparing the similarities and differences of three different ancient cultures. The cultures are China, Nubia, and Olmec. These three cultures share many similarities although not influenced by each other because each is on different parts of the world. Each culture will be compared in the areas of government, religion, trade, family & gender, technology, and communication.

Each of the cultures had stable governments. Also, each of the governments were complex. These stable governments led to a successful civilization and no dramatic fall of government. But these governments were based on very different systems. China was on a monarchy government. Nubia was on a Kandake government while the Olmecs had a state government.

When it comes to religion, all three cultures have one major thing in common: Polytheism. All cultures at one point worshiped many gods. This is no surprise due to the fact that polytheism was a very common idea of religion in ancient civilizations. In China, during the Shang Dynasty, polytheism was the idea of religion in the culture. But in the Zhou dynasty, Taoism came along with different beliefs such as there was only one god who created the universe. After Taoism, Confucianism became very popular, although disagreed with Taoism. In Nubia, polytheism existed. Also, the polytheistic beliefs were heavily influences by Ancient Egypt. The Olmecs practiced Shamanism, centered around Shaman. Polytheism exists in this religion because ten gods have been identified in this religion.

All three cultures had different items to trade. China traded salt, iron, fish, cattle, and silk. Nubia traded gold, ivory, ebony, ostrich feathers, and animals such as giraffes. The Olmec traded greenstone and marine shell. All three cultures did trade high value items although no items each culture traded are the same. China’s main export was silk and also had a well known trade...
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