Analysis of Chapter 1 and 2 in Rickshaw Boy

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Categories of rickshaw pullers are elaborated. Xiangzi is introduced as a high class puller, distinguished from others by his qualities. His passion for his rickshaw is shown. Through the simplicity with which he plans his life, his other qualities are brought out. By praising his good qualities, there are small flaws that are brought out, because of his simplicity and overconfidence, so there is a foreshadowing of future conflict. Then he finds a rickshaw and sets a goal of one and a half years to achieve his dream. Then, time gets accelerated and we see in that time, he still hasn’t achieved his goal. Now things start falling apart for him. But he doesn’t care about the hard work and time he has to put in, which is why the author can compress 3 years. What he’s worried about is getting the rickshaw, not how much effort he has to put in. After purchasing the rickshaw, his simplicity causes him to make further plans for the future but the concluding line “But most hopes come to nothing and X’s were no exception” is a contrast foreshadowing something bad. •Quotes:

“as accurately as a specific screw in a machine” – small but important part of society “untold tens of thousands of drops of sweat to acquire that rickshaw of his” “That rickshaw represented the fruit and reward of all of his struggles and hardships, like the single medal of a warrior who has fought a hundred battles”. (so when his rickshaw is taken away later  social injustice) “He was like a top sent spinning north, south, east and west from dawn to dusk”. “his country boy’s sturdiness and simplicity”

“Xiangzi was indeed rather like a tree, sturdy, silent yet full of life” “The more worried he has the more he stinted himself, under the illusion he was made of iron. But he discovered, he too could fall ill”. “the rickshaw was the fruit of his sweat and blood”

Character of Xiangzi:
Hard working
Has direction
Bound by obstacles
Tries to...
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