Analysis of Catholic Worship Service

Topics: Psalms, Hymn, Liturgy of the Hours Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: October 11, 2006
questions in the summary.
1. What was happening just before the worship leader led worship and just after? Did it flow? Why or why not? The priest, deacon, two people who gave the readings, and four alter servers gathered in the narthex. The choir sang an entrance hymn and they processed into the church and up to the alter. At the end of the service, they assembled at the foot of the alter and processed out of the church with the congregation following. It seemed to flow naturally with the servers leading and carrying the cross standard and candles. The two readers followed carrying the book with the readings. The two ministers were last in line. They greeted people sitting near the aisles, especially the children. Describe the worship leader's song selection. Did the individual songs bring to mind any passage of Scripture (if so, which one/s)? The worship leader was the presiding priest, but he did not seem to be very much involved with the music, so I asked the choir director about the music. He told me that the music liturgy committee guides him in the selection with a lot of input from the choir and parishioners. He also explained that the Catholic services follow a liturgical calendar. We are currently in Ordinary Time and will soon enter Advent. •Entrance Hymn – Gather Your People - Based on Corinthians 12 •Responsorial Psalm - I will bless the Lord at all times. Psalm 32 •Presentation of Gifts - The Servant Song

•Communion Hymn - Taste and see that the Lord is good - Psalm 34:8 •Sending Forth Hymn - I Am The Bread Of Life - John 36
Two of the hymns were based on Psalms and one on John's Gospel. I'm fairly sure that all of them have some scriptural roots. The scriptural passages upon which the songs are based were identified in "The Order of Worship". 3. What, if anything, did the worship leader say that you felt enhanced the worship experience? He began the service with three rousing rounds of "God is Good!---All the Time" with...
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