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Analysis of Catherine Wing's The Darker Sooner

By anhvu34 Apr 21, 2015 261 Words
Anh Minh Vu
Class preparation: Catherine Wing The Darker Sooner
How does the repetition of the "er" sound in Catherine Wing's “The Darker Sooner” contribute to its ideas and/or its mood? I really like “The Darker Sooner” by Catherine Wing. It's such a powerful poem that it makes you think that the power of words in magic invocations is true. The sound, the memory, the emotion or the weight that a word can carry and convey when used in the right way, can be a wonderful means to reach the highest peaks of artistic expression. In this poem, Catherine Wing uses the repetition of the “er”, which force me to keep reading the poem forward. The “er” ends in almost every important word. Interestingly, she keeps pairing these “er” such as “darker sooner,” “later lower,” “after ever,” the tones are sad and negatively. The title “The darker sooner” continues with “then came the darker sooner, came the later lower”. It is already dark; she keeps adding the dark and the black inside the poem, so the theme of this poem is sad but very powerful. The last line “Instead of leader we had louder” is the line I like most. There are two very similar sounding words are put together and a difference in just one vowel sound gives them completely opposite meanings. I also watch a video of Catherine read this poem. The beauty and the powerful of the poem comes from a combination of that mood and its sound putting together, especially when she read aloud.

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