Analysis of Caline

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Light, Sun Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: February 20, 2006
The Circle of Darkness
Through out history, love has always been a factor. Whether is it in the Bible, or history or literature. One example could be Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Both of the main characters are in "darkness" of who they are until they meet each other. They are both instantly attracted to each other. It is like Romeo and Juliet and have found the light, but only to end up back in darkness with out each other. The same thing occurs in Kate Chopin's short story, titled Caline. Waking from the darkened existence of young adolescence, Caline discovers the calling of womanhood; just after a journey of unclear passion, she dozes back, unsuspectingly, into the shadow of her former state.

At the beginning of the story, Caline is awakened by a train, which makes a sudden stop not to far from where she is sleeping in a field. The "sudden stopping which had awakened her" physically which because of her curiosity of this event, caused a young man who was an artist on the train, mentally woke her up to who she was inside. By the description in the first paragraph, Caline is a tall dark skinned Acadian teenager. When Caline checked out what was going on, she realized that the people on the train spoke a different language. The language barrier did not seem to matter to Caline, once she noticed the young artist. Even though there was not a word spoken between to two of them, an attraction went pass words alone. It seems as if words were not even necessary. As the "pleasant-faced youngster" began to draw a "motionless" Caline, infatuation begins to blossom between her and the artist. Before she know it, the boy was gone but she "could never feel the same way after that" incident. Her eyes opened to life in a brand new way. It was as if something new was revealed to her in those few moments with the boys even without the use of words. The situation not only made her curious about herself, but an attraction with the boy, which was something...
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