Analysis Of Bullguard: Irresistible Offers

Pages: 4 (964 words) Published: July 29, 2016

Irresistible Offers
Find the below offers from the BullGuard website:
• BullGuard Internet Security software with free PC tune-ups and 5GB of online backup for free
• BullGuard Premium Protection software with antivirus software and free 25GB online backup system
About BullGuard
BullGuard is among the fastest growing internet and mobile security providers in the world. The company started out in 2002, when BullGuard launched its first antivirus software. Since then the company has ventured into data backup and more recently, added the mobile security software to its repertoire. The BullGuard product category is impressive and the available options are...

It has a range of products available to cover different needs, from premium services to businesses and basic antivirus software for home use. The most popular products from the security retailer include the following:
• BullGuard Mobile Security for Android Phones
• BullGuard Premium Protection for identity and social media protection
Shopping Guide
If you are unsure about which software option is the best for you, then it is a good idea to read the product guides first. These give you a better idea of what you are getting and whether it answers your security needs. Furthermore, BullGuard offers free trials on all of its products, which is a great way to get to know if the software is what you want. When you are buying the products you can choose the backup size, depending on your needs and also select how many computers you want to use the product from. 3 computers is the standard, but higher availability is also a possible option.
BullGuard has a blog to keep you entertained and aware of the biggest online security takes. The blog is also the best place to find out about the latest offers and competitions available on the platform....

If you have a code, then go pick the software you are looking to install. Once you’re on the product page, you can see a link on the right side of the screen, which reads Use Discount Code. Click it and a number field will appear. You can enter your code into the below field and click Submit. The price should now reflect the saving and you can continue with the checkout process.
Mobile App
As mentioned earlier, you can find BullGuard software for your Android phone. It’s a great way to keep your smartphone safe and ensure your most personalised details won’t get lost. The security app is available to download from the website’s own store....
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